La Doyenne is a New York-based brand founded by Laura Day Webb and Rachel Hearn where demi-couture tradition and the ideals of the modern woman culminate in curated cross-seasonal collections. With iconic female creatives serving as muse to the founders, La Doyenne aims to maximize wearability, by creating highly functional styles that keep pace with women's lives. 
The co-founders met at the Metropolitan Club during an event that Laura was hosting, when Rachel, a textiles expert, came to Laura’s rescue mending a tear in her vintage gown. With a shared passion for timeless design, a natural partnership was formed and the women collaborated on a series of bespoke dresses for Laura’s wedding, which were revealed the following year in an elegant ceremony nestled within the Italian countryside. Through a compellingly positive reception from guests and fashion editors, as well as a resolute shared vision, Laura and Rachel decided to launch a line to together.

In April 2018, La Doyenne’s inaugural collection was presented by the Brooklyn Ballet during a special showcase performance.  With exquisite attention to detail, collections are comprised of several custom designed silhouettes and thoughtfully made to order in the heart of New York City. The brand showed their Transitional Collection, featuring Model and Reserved Magazine Fashion Editor Francesca Vuillemin, during New York Fashion week in September 2018, which received critical acclaim. Most recently, La Doyenne's designs have been seen on the likes of Babba C. Rivera, Martina Bonnier, Tommy Tomova, Scarlett Hao and Therese Hellström.